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Monday: Today in Politics

October 20, 2014 MPs will consider a motion to refer Bill S-4, the government’s digital privacy legislation, to committee before …


Friday: Third Reading for Cyberbullying Bill

October 10, 2014 The government’s cyberbullying and data collection bill (C-13) is debated at third reading. Also debated is a …


Thursday: NDP Opposition Day

October 9, 2014 Today is an opposition day in the House of Commons. Here is the NDP motion: That, in …


Wednesday: Supreme Court Hears Gun Registry Case

October 8, 2014 Can the Quebec government force Ottawa to maintain records from the now-defunct long-gun registry? The Supreme Court …

CF-18s - DND image

Tuesday: more debate and vote on Iraq mission

October 7, 2014 MPs vote on the Iraq military deployment motion after more debate in the House of Commons. WATCH …


Monday: Iraq debate expected

October 6, 2014 MPs begin debating the motion introduced Friday by Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Iraq. WATCH LIVE: 12pm ET …


Friday: Harper to outline Iraq mission

October 2, 2014 8:56pmET Prime Minister Stephen Harper is expected to rise in the House of Commons and deliver the …

House of Commons / la Chambre des communes

Thursday: Today in Politics

October 2, 2014 Today’s House of Commons agenda includes debate on bills C-8, C-40, and S-5. Debate also continues on …

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