1987 Reform Convention

November 1, 1987

Winnipeg Convention Centre

Reform Party of Canada►Nearly 300 members of the Reform Association of Canada met in Manitoba’s capital to create the Reform Party of Canada.



With an unofficial motto of “The West Wants In,” the vast majority of delegates were from Alberta and British Columbia.

Western anger with Brian Mulroney’s policies helped foster the association’s first meetings in Vancouver five months earlier.

►On Nov. 1, Preston Manning was unanimously selected as the first Reform leader after opponent Stan Roberts, a former Manitoba Liberal MLA, walked out of the convention with several delegates. Roberts had disputed the new party’s finances and claimed many of his supporters were prevented from registering.

►The party decided to focus first on electing MPs in the western provinces and the territories. They also had to decide on a name amongst several options, and whether to include the word “Western.”

Delegates adopted a 20-point statement of principles that informed the 1988 election platform.

Read the Reform constitution



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