2011 Conservative Convention

2011 Conservative Convention

2011: Ottawa Convention Centre

About 2,400 delegates and observers gathered in the nation’s capital, with some 80 policy resolutions and 48 constitutional amendments on the agenda.

Conservatives rejected resolutions on:

  • the “normalization of prostitution”;
  • automatically stripping citizenship and charging with treason any Canadian citizen who takes up arms against Canada, the military, or an ally;
  • giving greater clout in leadership votes to riding associations with more members. Brought forward by Ontario MP Scott Reid, the plan was opposed by Peter MacKay and Michael Chong. Reid and MacKay had a similar disagreement at the party’s 2005 founding convention in Montreal.

As it stands, all ridings have equal power in a leadership vote, regardless of membership disparity – 100 points per riding. The change would have awarded up to 400 points for larger riding associations, while keeping the 100-point minimum across the country.

Hundreds protested outside Ottawa Convention Centre during Harper’s keynote speech. Said the prime minister: “Canada would not try to “please every dictator with a vote at the United Nations…we take strong principled positions in our dealings with other nations, whether popular or not.”