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Thursday: Today in Politics

Debate begins on the budget implementation bill (C-15).

House of Commons / la Chambre des communes

Wednesday: Today in Politics

A time allocation motion is expected for the assisted-dying bill (C-14).


Tuesday: more debate on assisted dying

Another late-night sitting is possible for the House of Commons as MPs consider the assisted-dying bill.

Canada - Shifting Boundaries / Redécoupage des circonscriptions fédérales

Now You Know: Census 2016

Canadians have started receiving their 2016 census packages — including a reinstatement of the mandatory long-form version.

House of Commons / la Chambre des communes

Monday: Today in Politics

Debate is expected to continue on the assisted-dying bill (C-14), while the justice and health ministers appear at committee.

House of Commons / la Chambre des communes

Friday: MPs consider assisted-dying bill

Debate begins on Bill C-14.


READ: Duffy trial judgment

An Ontario judge cleared Senator Mike Duffy of all 31 criminal charges.

House of Commons / la Chambre des communes

Thursday: Today in Politics

MPs debate an opposition day motion on milk imports and supply management.

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