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Tuesday: Today in Politics

The House of Commons votes on last week’s Conservative motion on religious discrimination and racism.

Monday: Westminster debate on Trump visit

The British House of Commons considers a petition opposed to a state visit by the U.S. president.
NDP | NPD logo

NDP Leadership: what you need to know

New Democrats will choose their new leader this fall in a voting process that could last six weeks.
Conservative Party of Canada | Parti conservateur du Canada

WATCH AND READ: Conservative Leadership

As the race to succeed Stephen Harper continues, stay with CPAC for full coverage.

Flag Day: the Maple Leaf turns 52

National Flag of Canada Day was introduced in 1996 to celebrate the red, the white, and the maple leaf.

Friday: Today in Politics

Bill C-18 is debated at third reading in the House of Commons.

Thursday: Conservative motion on religious discrimination

Today’s debate follows consideration of a Liberal MP’s motion on Islamophobia.

Wednesday: MPs debate Islamophobia motion

Liberal MP Iqra Khalid introduced Motion M-103 in December 2016.

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