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Senate of Canada / La Sénat du Canada

PM to recommend nine more independent senators

The list will fill vacancies in B.C., Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and P.E.I.

Thursday: NDP opposition day

It’s an opposition day for New Democrats in the House of Commons.

Electoral Reboot: another British push for change

Efforts at changing the U.K.’s First Past the Post system continue, with a new motion on proportional representation.
image - The Letters

The Letters: Employment Insurance

We examine the future of Employment Insurance and a 2015 pledge for reform.

Wednesday: Today in Politics

Following question period, debate begins on Bill C-25.
image - The Letters

The Letters: Aquaculture

Part six looks at Canada’s oldest export industry — and what comes next for federal aquaculture regulation.

Tuesday: Today in Politics

MPs and senators question Supreme Court nominee Malcolm Rowe this morning.
image - The Letters

The Letters: Obesity and Nutrition

Our next installment on ministers’ mandate letters looks at the 2015 promise to tackle obesity.

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