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image - The Letters

The Letters: Employment Insurance

We examine the future of Employment Insurance and a 2015 pledge for reform.

Wednesday: Today in Politics

Following question period, debate begins on Bill C-25.
image - The Letters

The Letters: Aquaculture

Part six looks at Canada’s oldest export industry — and what comes next for federal aquaculture regulation.

Tuesday: Today in Politics

MPs and senators question Supreme Court nominee Malcolm Rowe this morning.
image - The Letters

The Letters: Obesity and Nutrition

Our next installment on ministers’ mandate letters looks at the 2015 promise to tackle obesity.

Monday: CPP bill back in House of Commons

Debate continues on proposed changes to the Canada Pension Plan.

Friday: Today in Politics

Debate begins on the government’s planned changes to the Canada Pension Plan.

Trudeau, Ambrose, Mulcair on electoral reform

Does public approval in the government influence the need to reform the electoral system?

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