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Friday: Today in Politics

Debate begins on the government’s planned changes to the Canada Pension Plan.

Trudeau, Ambrose, Mulcair on electoral reform

Does public approval in the government influence the need to reform the electoral system?
image - The Letters

The Letters: Indigenous Voters

Our fourth look at “The Letters” is a promise found in each mandate letter issued by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Campaign Politics: Medicine Hat–Cardston–Warner

The 42nd Parliament’s first by-election takes place Oct. 24 in southern Alberta.

Thursday: Today in Politics

It’s another opposition day for Conservatives in the House of Commons.
image - The Letters

The Letters: Access to Information

Our third look at “The Letters” examines a promise on transparency and Canadians’ access to information.

Wednesday: Today in Politics

Bill C-24 is on the order paper this afternoon, following question period.
image - The Letters

The Letters: Immigration

Our second installment of “The Letters” looks at the mandate letter issued to John McCallum.

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