Chris Alexander

Chris Alexander


AGE: 48

Former MP for Ajax–Pickering, Ont. (2011-2015).

Former minister of citizenship and immigration. First elected to Parliament in 2011.


  • Raise the annual immigration level to 400,000 (including 40,000 refugees)
  • Lower taxes and balanced budget
  • Federalism: interprovincial free trade and credential recognition, a national securities regulator
  • creation of a national digital strategy
  • Settle outstanding First Nations land claims
  • Double defence spending
  • Opposed to Liberal plan for carbon pricing
  • Opposed to values-based screening for immigrants
  • Syria: disable the Syrian air force; destroy ISIL, Hezbollah, and other terrorist groups in Syria; military support for the Syrian Democratic Forces; more protection of civilians through no-fly zones; removal of Bashir Al-Assad from power; peace settlement based on federal system of government.
  • Cuba: more support for human rights organizations and training of political activists for a transition to democratic government; leading the effort to craft justice institutions and the rule of law; support for free media and Internet; support for private economic development
  • Foreign Affairs: more sanctions against Iran, Pakistan and Russia, expanded defence cooperation with Ukraine,
  • National Defence: expansion of the surface combatant fleet, establishment of an Arctic fleet, increase the permanent army to 50,000, re-establishment of Canada’s space launch capability
  • Housing and Poverty: promote private sponsorship of homeless persons, resources on veterans’ homelessness and PTSD, more skills training for the unemployed and homeless
  • Trade: invite the United Kingdom to join NAFTA, set goal of 50% of exports outside of NAFTA by 2050, complete bilateral free trade agreements with Australia, India, Japan, and New Zealand