Kellie Leitch

Kellie Leitch


AGE: 46

MP for Simcoe–Grey, Ont.

Former minister of labour and status of women.

First elected to Parliament in 2011.


  • No national price on carbon, allow provinces to implement policy
  • All visitors, immigrants, and refugees to have face-to-face interview and social media review to screen for for Canadian “civic values”: equal opportunity, hard work, helping others, generosity
  • Cap on federal spending, balanced budget, debt reduction, reduction of the political party donation tax credit, five-per-cent spending reduction for federal departments, “control” of public sector pay and benefits
  • Opposed to legalization of marijuana, only dispensed via pharmacy and medical prescription
  • Supports party decision to support supply management, taken at 2016 convention
  • Opposed to lifting visa requirement for Mexican nationals
  • Dismantle the CBC, except for emergency services to remote and rural Canadians
  • Allow mace and pepper spray as self-defence tools under section 34 of the Criminal Code
  • Citizen-initiated referenda on existing laws or new legislation. Three per cent of registered voters would be required to sign a certified petition.
  • Support for the Energy East pipeline and “realigning Canadian regulatory processes” on resource projects
  • Increased penalties for acts of violence or vandalism against natural resource development, environmental lobbying to be classified as a political activity, and a force that combines RCMP, CSIS, CRA, and GAC resources to investigate, freeze bank accounts, and lay charges against those “who seek to illegally disrupt natural resource development projects.”
  • Supports moving Canadian embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem



Kellie Leitch speaks with CPAC’s Peter Van Dusen about her campaign, her proposals on immigration, and comparisons to Donald Trump (Nov. 22, 2016):

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