Maxime Bernier

Maxime Bernier


AGE: 54

MP for Beauce, Que.

Former minister of industry, foreign affairs, and minister of state for small business, tourism, and agriculture.

First elected to Parliament in 2006.


  • Campaign themes are “freedom, responsibility, fairness and respect
  • Taxes: raise the Basic Personal Exemption to $15,000, reduce income tax brackets from five to two (15% up to $100,000, and 25% over $100,000), elimination of boutique tax credits and the capital gains tax, reduction of corporate income tax rate to 10%, and making permanent the Accelerated Capital Cost Allowance
  • Reduction of federal subsidies to business but freer interprovincial trade and labour, privatization of Canada Post, “phase out” of CRTC as telecom regulator, and gradual elimination of supply management for dairy, poultry, and eggs
  • Energy: no federal price on carbon
  • Transport: privatize airports, raise the foreign ownership limit in airlines, allow jet traffic at Toronto’s Billy Bishop Airport, and more bilateral agreements to increase Canadian flights abroad
  • No return to definition of marriage as one man and one woman
  • Balanced budget within two years as prime minister, balanced budgets except for extreme situations (war, disaster), and legislated debt repayment schedule
  • Replacement of Canada Health Transfer with funding based on tax points, immediate freeze of taxpayer dollars for equalization, parliamentary committee to review equalization formula
  • CBC mandate to be re-focused under the Broadcasting Act, reliance on donations/sponsorship instead of advertising and government funding
  • Bank of Canada should study a zero-per-cent inflation target and avoid “artificially low” interest rates, and Bank of Canada governor should remain impartial on fiscal policy.
  • Immigration: lower annual immigration level back to 250,000
  • Foreign Affairs and Defence: work with allies to “degrade and destroy radical Islamic terrorism,” liberalized trade with as many as countries as possible, expedited free trade negotiations with India and new talks with the United Kingdom and China, foreign aid to focus on humanitarian needs instead of economic assistance
  • Firearms: replacement of Firearms Act to better address licensing, classification, and magazine sizes



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