Michael Chong

Michael Chong


AGE: 44

MP for Wellington–Halton Hills, Ont.

Former minister of intergovernmental affairs.

First elected to Parliament in 2004.


  • Reduce personal income tax by 10%, reduce tax brackets from five to two (15% and 29%), and reduce corporate income tax by 5%
  • Elimination of boutique tax credits, and doubling of the Working Income Tax Benefit to $2.3 billion
  • National carbon price of $10 per tonne in 2018, rising to $130 by 2030, based on B.C.’s revenue-neutral model and collected by the provinces
  • Creation of the GST/HST and Carbon Tax Credit to help offset carbon price costs
  • Elimination of several federal programs, initiatives, and indirect subsidies for greenhouse gas reduction, such as the Clean Energy Fund
  • Critical of values test for newcomers to Canada
  • Privatization of CMHC’s mortgage insurance and securitization business to reduce risk of housing bubble
  • More power for Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI)
  • Political Parties: Public registration of membership via Elections Canada, free membership and one-time registration, clear rules for party nominations and leadership contests, with stronger oversight role for Elections Canada, elimination of leader’s veto over local candidates, requirement of Canadian citizenship to vote for party nomination or leadership, more financial disclosure by political parties to Elections Canada, establishment of an independent, non-partisan Commission on Party Leaders Debates, and ban on senators serving as interim party leaders
  • Democratic Reform: More ability for MPs to speak during parliamentary debate, MPs assigned to standing committees — and chairs elected — based on secret ranked ballots, the proposed national security oversight committee responsible to the House of Commons rather then the government, reduction of the number of standing committees from 24 to 19, use of a secret ballot to elect several members to the Board of Internal Economy, secret ballot election of the Senate speaker, removal of the prime minister’s power to select Senate government leader, new Senate rules for private member’s business to prevent delay in addressing bills, and new constitutional conventions on prorogation and opening of a new Parliament
  • Question Period reform that includes more time for questions and answers, a relevancy requirement for answers, and more power for the speaker to select MPs


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