Steven Blaney

Steven Blaney


AGE: 52

MP for Bellechasse–Les Etchemins–Lévis, Que.

Former minister of veterans affairs and public safety.

First elected to Parliament in 2006.


  • Motto is “Canada First”
  • Legislation to ban face coverings during voting, citizenship oaths, and by federal public servants, with a willingness to invoke notwithstanding clause due to earlier court decisions.
  • Changes to the citizenship test and Oath of Citizenship, and a Royal Commission on Canadian Identity, establishment of a Canadian Centre for the Prevention of Radicalisation
  • Reduction in immigration and refugee numbers to improve security and integration, review of immigration laws to reduce asylum requests from those who have illegally entered Canada
  • National Security: more funding for CSIS, CBSA, and RCMP, a joint CSIS-RCMP task force to track terrorist threats and patrol the border, a “Government Operations Centre” for better emergency response, creation of a corps of volunteers for “national civil protection,” expanded power and authority for Security Intelligence Review Committee
  • Justice: reintroduction of the Truth in Sentencing Act, ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 2014, hiring of more judges, Crown attorneys, and legal staff, allowing the ombudsman to report directly to Parliament, upgrade of rehabilitation programs, special House of Commons committee to oversee Supreme Court nominations
  • Agriculture: continuation of supply management in agricultural sector
  • Firearms: introduction of a “Gun Owners’ Charter of Rights,” extension of PAL renewal time from five to 10 years (with a one-year grace period without penalty), streamlined classification system for firearms, transferring control of the Canadian Firearm Program from the RCMP to the Minister of Public Safety, and restoring “regular service standards for the approval of new firearms for import”
  • Lower credit card usage fees to help small business
  • Energy: small modular nuclear reactors for northern Canada and Alberta/Saskatchewan, creation of a Canadian Nuclear Energy Institute, conversion of nuclear waste into electricity, two new nuclear reactors in Ontario



Steven Blaney: news conference on immigration and Canadian values (Oct. 24, 2016)