Friday: MPs Consider Senate Amendments to Drug Bill

Friday: MPs Consider Senate Amendments to Drug Bill

May 12, 2017 9:22amET

The House of Commons considers Senate amendments to bills C-37 and C-7.

C-37 is the government’s legislation on drug abuse and the opioid crisis. It includes a streamlined process to establish safe consumption sites, and more power for border agents to fight trafficking and drug production.

The Senate has approved amendments that include:

  • a 45-day minimum length of public consultation on legal consumption sites;
  • community advisory committees to provide feedback after a site has opened;
  • the ability of site workers to offer safer alternatives to the substances being used by addicts.

The government’s response is to accept the 45-day minimum period, reject the advisory committee plan, and make the third point optional

A 2011 Supreme Court ruling set out criteria for considering new supervised injection sites, ruling in favour of the continued operation of Vancouver’s InSite facility. That criteria was: “crime rates, the local conditions indicating a need for such a supervised injection site, the regulatory structure in place to support the facility, the resources available to support its maintenance, and expressions of community support or opposition.”

Bill C-322 is also debated again at second reading.

-Andrew Thomson