Monday: Conservative motion on economy

Monday: Conservative motion on economy

June 12, 2017 9:54amET

It’s the first of three consecutive opposition days in the House of Commons. Here is today’s Conservative motion on the resource and agriculture sectors:

That the House recognize that the government has mismanaged the economy in a way that is damaging Canadian industries and diminishing Canadians’ economic stability by:

(a) failing to negotiate a deal on softwood lumber and instead offering a compensation package rather than creating sustainable jobs for Canadian forestry workers;

(b) attempting to phase out Canada’s energy sector by implementing a job killing carbon tax, adding additional taxes to oil and gas companies, removing incentives for small firms to make new energy discoveries and neglecting the current Alberta jobs crisis; and

(c) refusing to extend the current rail service agreements for farmers in Western Canada which will expire on August 1, 2017, which will result in transportation backlogs that will cost farmers billions of dollars in lost revenue.

Bill S-233 is considered at report stage.

MPs vote on Bill C-24, the budget implementation bill (C-44), and last week’s NDP motion on nuclear disarmament.

Tonight, the House considers Senate amendments to Bill C-6. Here is the government’s response to what the Senate passed.

In committee: