Thursday: NDP Motion Targets Infrastructure Bank

Thursday: NDP Motion Targets Infrastructure Bank

UPDATED May 11, 2017 10:23amET

The NDP has an opposition day in the House of Commons, where they want MPs to focus on the proposed Canada Infrastructure Bank.

That, in the opinion of the House:

(a) public infrastructure should serve the interests of Canadians, not work to make private investors rich;

(b) the Liberals did not reveal to voters its plans to privatize investment in public infrastructure;

(c) infrastructure built by private investors will cost more than public infrastructure;

(d) it is a conflict of interest to allow private corporations, who will be the largest beneficiaries of the Canada Infrastructure Bank, to participate in the planning and development of the Bank;

(e) the Bank will leave taxpayers with an unacceptable burden of fees, tolls, and privatization that will only make private investors wealthy, to the detriment of the public interest; and

(f) the clauses concerning the Canada Infrastructure Bank’s creation should be removed from Bill C-44, Budget Implementation Act, 2017, No. 1, so they can be studied as a stand-alone bill.

The 2015 Liberal platform pledged that “where a lack of capital represents a barrier to projects, the Canada Infrastructure Bank will provide loan guarantees and small capital contributions to provinces and municipalities.”

It was included in the 2016 fall economic update, to launch in 2017.

MPs debate Bill S-231 for the first time. Journalists would have legal protection from releasing the identity of confidential sources. Search warrants against journalists would also be limited.

The government also tabled its Charter review of Bill C-46, which deals with impaired driving and roadside screening. The bill was introduced alongside the government’s marijuana legislation (C-45).

In committee:

  • Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould answers questions on main estimates at the Commons justice committee. LIVE ONLINE 3:15pm ET / 12:15pm PT
  • Agriculture groups go before the trade committee to discuss North American trade issues.
  • The status of women committee considers amendments to Bill C-337.
  • Government officials from various departments and agencies brief the transport committee on aviation safety.
  • The Senate legal affairs committee continues to hear testimony on Bill C-16. LIVE ONLINE 10:30am ET / 7:30am PT

-Andrew Thomson