Wednesday: Today in Politics

Wednesday: Today in Politics

October 18, 2017 6amET

The House of Commons returns to a Conservative motion on carbon pricing :

That the Standing Committee on Finance be instructed to undertake a study on: (a) how the government could examine approaches and methods to ensure maximum transparency for consumers related to the costs of carbon pricing, including a requirement for a dedicated line item on invoices and receipts; (b) mechanisms the government could use to report annually to Parliament on the financial impact, past and projected, of the federally-mandated price on carbon on Canadian households and employers; and that the Committee report its findings and recommendations to the House within four months of the adoption of this motion.

Debate continues on Bill C-57 at second reading.

MPs also vote on Bill C-349 and a Conservative motion on the economic impact of ranchers and farmers.

The parties hold their weekly caucus meetings on Parliament Hill this morning.

In commitee :

-Andrew Thomson

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