Today in Politics and Podcast: Cannabis, Homelessness on Order Paper

Today in Politics and Podcast: Cannabis, Homelessness on Order Paper

UPDATED November 24, 2017 10:26amET


Third-reading debate is expected to wrap up on the government’s cannabis bill (C-45). Once MPs vote at this stage, the bill goes to the Senate.

Bill C-45 makes Ottawa responsible for duty collection and the licensing of cannabis cultivation and manufacturing. The provinces and territories would oversee distribution and the retail market.

Selling and Taxing Cannabis: Plans From Ottawa and the Provinces

MPs already approved health committee amendments that include a call for cannabis edibles and concentrates to be allowed for sale within one year of the bill’s passage. (Those products weren’t in the original legislation). The committee also removed a 100-centimetre height limit for plants grown at home.

Read Health Canada’s proposed regulations for cannabis cultivation and distribution

Homelessness Motion

The House of Commons ends the week with an NDP motion calling for a Special Committee on Homelessness.

Saskatchewan MP Sheri Benson has proposed: “That a special committee be appointed to conduct hearings on the matter of homelessness and to propose a national plan to prevent and end homelessness.”

This comes two days after the federal government unveiled its National Housing Strategy: billions of dollars over the next decade for affordable housing, a federal benefit for those on waiting lists for social housing, and the recognition of housing as a fundamental right.

Reducing “chronic homelessness” by 50 per cent is one of the strategy’s goals, according to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

Special committees are “ad hoc bodies created as needed by the House … inquiring into a matter to which the House attaches particular importance,” according to House of Commons Procedure and Practice.

-Andrew Thomson


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