Today in Politics and Podcast: Government Tables Anti-Harassment Bill

Today in Politics and Podcast: Government Tables Anti-Harassment Bill

UPDATED November 7, 2017 2:51pmET

The government has announced legislation to prevent harassment and sexual violence in federally-regulated workplaces. This follows last week’s government report that concluded: “Canadians indicated that incidents of harassment and sexual violence in the workplace are not only underreported, but also that they are often dealt with ineffectively when they are reported.”

Bill C-65 would encompass “the full range of unacceptable behaviours ranging from teasing and bullying, to sexual harassment and physical and sexual violence.” Federally-regulated employers (including the House of Commons and Senate) would have added responsibility for prevention, protection, and response — including better privacy measures for complainants.

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The House of Commons sees continued debate on the second budget implementation bill (C-63), with a second-reading vote expected tomorrow.

The legislation includes Canada’s proposed membership in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, additional oversight powers for the Bank of Canada, and the interprovincial free trade agreement announced in April 2017.

The bill is also at the Commons finance committee. LIVE ONLINE at 3:30pm ET / 12:30pm PT

MPs return to Bill C-346 at second reading.


In committee:

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