Thursday: Conservative Motion on Forestry Sector

Softwood Lumber

Thursday: Conservative Motion on Forestry Sector

UPDATED October 19, 2017 9:12amET

The Conservatives have their second opposition day of the week, with a motion on forestry from Quebec MP Alain Rayes:

That, given:

(a) forestry is a major employer in Canada;

(b) Canada is a world leader in sustainable forestry practices;

(c) the government has failed to secure a Softwood Lumber Agreement and to make softwood lumber a priority by including it in the mandate letter for the Minister of International Trade; and

(d) forestry workers and forest-dependent communities are particularly vulnerable to misinformation campaigns and other attacks waged against the forest industry by foreign-funded environmental non-government organizations like Greenpeace and ForestEthics;

the House express its support for forestry workers and denounce efforts by foreign-funded groups seeking to disrupt lawful forest practices in Canada.

Debate continues on Bill C-203 – which would require new Supreme Court justices to understand both English and French “without the assistance of an interpreter.”

In committee:

-Andrew Thomson

Here’s Mark Sutcliffe with more Today in Politics: