Today in Politics and Podcast: Monday

Today in Politics and Podcast: Monday

wFebruary 26, 2018 6amET

The House of Commons returns with an NDP opposition day motion on the troubled Phoenix pay system for federal employees.

Read the full motion:

That, in the opinion of the House, the government committed a gross error in judgement when it operationalized the previous Conservative government’s Phoenix pay system over the clear objections of both the affected unions and departmental staff, and that the House call on the government to: (a) pay all employees correctly and on time, every time, for the work they do; (b) exempt those who have been overpaid by Phoenix from having to pay back the ‘gross’ amount, despite actually receiving a substantially lower ‘net’ amount; (c) compensate those in the public service who have experienced damages from Phoenix, both financial and otherwise; and (d) publicly apologize to all of those who have endured hardship as a result of the government’s error.

In committee:

Here’s Mark Sutcliffe with more in the Today in Politics podcast:

-Andrew Thomson