Tuesday: Ethics, Conflict of Interest, and the Finance Minister

Tuesday: Ethics, Conflict of Interest, and the Finance Minister

UPDATED October 17, 2017 2:52pmET

The Conservatives have an opposition day in the House of Commons, focused on Finance Minister Bill Morneau and questions about ethics and potential conflicts of interest:

That, given accusations by experts that the Minister of Finance’s family business, Morneau Shepell, stands to benefit from the proposed changes outlined in “Tax Planning Using Private Corporations” and assurances by the Minister that he has abided by his Public Declaration of Agreed Compliance Measures with respect to his family business, the House request that the Minister table all documents he submitted to the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner between November 4, 2015, and July 18, 2017.

MPs vote on the motion later today. Watch the debate:


Morneau released a letter to the ethics commissioner this afternoon asking for “further guidance” on his assets:

However, Morneau’s business holdings — and the continued debate over tax changes — remained contentious points during question period:

Meanwhile, MPs vote on Bill C-55 and the NDP’s motion endorsing a universal pharmacare program. And Bill C-348 is debated for the first time.

In Washington, Foreign Affairs Minister will deliver statements with her American and Mexican counterparts as the fourth round of NAFTA negotiations end. Freeland will also speak to reporters.

In committee :

-Andrew Thomson

Here’s Mark Sutcliffe with more Today in Politics: