Wednesday: Today in Politics and Podcast

Wednesday: Today in Politics and Podcast

February 7, 2018 8:28amET

MPs have several votes this afternoon, including Bill C-262 at second reading, and yesterday’s Conservative motion on conflicts of interest.

The House of Commons also returns to Bill C-50, the government’s legislation on political financing that’s designed to make public more information on party fundraisers.

The disclosure would apply to events involving the prime minister, cabinet ministers, party leaders, and leadership candidates. It would also apply to any event that costs more than $200 to attend.

C-50 would require such events to be publicly announced at least five days in advance, with the names and addresses of attendees reported to Elections Canada for public disclosure.

Bill C-378 is debated at second reading.

The parties hold their weekly caucus meetings on Parliament Hill. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, meanwhile, begins a U.S. trip with a speech at the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics.

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-Andrew Thomson