Electoral Reboot: The Research

Electoral Reboot: The Research

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Eugene Forsey in How Canadians Govern Themselves:

“We are apt to think of government as something static; as a machine that was built and finished long ago. Actually, since our democratic government is really only the sum of ourselves, it grows and changes as we do. Canada today is not the Canada of 1867, and neither of the Act that made it.”

John Courtney in Electoral Insight:

“It cannot be assumed that the same incentives for parties to broker social cleavages would be present in other electoral systems. … Different electoral systems can prompt different voting behaviour. It cannot be assumed that every voter would support the same party under one system as another.”

Heather MacIvor in Electoral Insight:

“In a survey of proportionality in national elections from 1945 to 1996, Canada ranked 35th of the 37 cases studied. … A 1990 national survey found that 42 percent of those who expressed an opinion accepted the distorting effects of SMP, while 75 percent preferred the principle of MMP.”


Reports and Documents


Women’s Political Representation & Electoral Systems – Equal Voice (September 2016)

What We Talk About When We Talk About Electoral Reform – Samara (August 2016)

Electoral Systems and Electoral Reform in Canada and Elsewhere: An Overview – Library of Parliament (June 2016)

Time has already run out on electoral reform – Inside Policy (2016)

In Defence of Canada’s Electoral System – Policy Magazine (2016)

Dual-Member Mixed Proportional: A New Electoral System for Canada – Sean Graham (2016)

Evolution of the Federal Electoral System – Elections Canada

Youth Voter Turnout in Canada: Trends and Issues – Library of Parliament (2013)

Which Voting System is Best for Canada? – Stéphane Dion (2012)

Study on representation by population in Canada – Mowat Centre for Policy Innovation (March 2010)

Parliamentary Reform and the House of Commons – Library of Parliament (2007)

Voting Counts: Electoral Reform for Canada – Law Commission of Canada (2004)

Report on a process for electoral reform and Conservative response – Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs (2004)

The Parliament We Want: Parliamentarians’ View on Parliamentary Reform – Library of Parliament (2003)

Getting from here to there: a process for electoral reform in Canada – Policy Options (2001)

The Politics of Electoral Reform – Canadian Parliamentary Review (1993)

Electoral Reform and the Future of Parliamentary Institutions – Canadian Parliamentary Review (1979)


The Provinces: 


Electoral Reform Initiatives in Canadian Provinces – Library of Parliament (2009)

First Past the Post? Progress Report on Electoral Reform Initiatives in Canadian Provinces – IRPP Policy Matters (2004)

Ontario’s Referendum on Proportional Representation: Why Citizens Said No – IRPP Choices (2009)

Official Voting Results – 2007 Ontario Referendum

One Ballot, Two Votes – Report by the Ontario Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform (2007)

Bill 181 – Ontario (2016)

Electoral System Referendum Act – Ontario Bill 155 (2007)

Report of the Organizing Committee of the Estates General on the Reform of Democratic Institutions – Quebec (2003)

Massicotte Report – Quebec (2004)

Draft Bill on Electoral Reform – Quebec (2004)

The Prince Edward Plebiscite on Electoral Reform – Canadian Parliamentary Review (2006)

Official Voting Results – 2005 P.E.I. Referendum

Final Report and Recommendations – New Brunswick Commission on Legislative Democracy (2005)

Response by Government of New Brunswick (2007)

Official Voting Results – 2009 B.C. Referendum

Official Voting Results – 2005 B.C. Referendum

British Columbia Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform – Final Report (2004)


Around the World:


Electoral System Design: The New International IDEA Handbook – International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance

The History of the Parliamentary Franchise – House of Commons Library (2013)

Voting systems in the UK – House of Commons Library (2014)

AV and electoral reform – House of Commons Library (2011)

Alternative Vote Referendum 2011: Analysis of Results – House of Commons Library

A Guide to Ireland’s PR-STV Voting System – Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government (2016)

Proportional Representation in Ireland – Citizens Information Board


WATCH AND READ: Special Committee on Electoral Reform


First meeting (June 21) TRANSCRIPT

Democratic Institutions Minister Maryam Monsef (July 6) TRANSCRIPT

Marc Mayrand – Chief Electoral Officer (July 7) TRANSCRIPT

Jean-Pierre Kingsley – former chief electoral officer (July 7) TRANSCRIPT

Ken Carty, Brian Tanguay, Nelson Wiseman (July 25) TRANSCRIPT

Michael Gallagher and Michael Marsh (July 26) TRANSCRIPT

Peter Russell and Patrice Dutil (July 26) TRANSCRIPT

Australia and New Zealand electoral officers (July 26) TRANSCRIPT

André Blais, Alex Himelfarb, Henry Milner (July 27) TRANSCRIPT

Hugo Cyr, Larry LeDuc, Leslie Seidle (July 27) TRANSCRIPT

Maryantonett Flumian, Dennis Pilon, Jonathan Rose (July 28) TRANSCRIPT

Arend Ljiphart and Benoît Pelletier (August 22) TRANSCRIPT

Christian Dufour, Nathalie Des Rosiers, Harold Jansen (August 22) TRANSCRIPT

Barry Cooper, Nicole Goodman, Emmett Macfarlane (August 23) TRANSCRIPT

Tom Axworthy, Matthew Harrington, Pippa Norris (August 23) TRANSCRIPT

Ed Broadbent, Yasmin Dawood, Jean-Pierre Charbonneau (August 29)

Jean-Sébastien Dufresne, Peter Loewen, Eric Maskin (August 30)

Louis Massicotte, Katelynn Northam, Melanee Thomas (August 30)

Joachim Behnke, Frierdich Pukelsheim, Mary Pitcaithly, Andy O’Neill (August 31)

Darrell Bricker, Gordon Gibson, Richard Johnston (August 31)

Taylor Gunn, Jane Hilderman, Dominic Vézina (August 31)

Graham Fox, David McLaughlin, Craig Scott (September 1)


-Compiled by Andrew Thomson