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Campaign Politics - Medicine Hat
CPAC’s Ed Watson reports on the by-election in the Alberta riding of Medicine Hat--Cardston--Warner. This seat was formerly held by Conservative Jim Hillyer who passed away last spring after suffering a heart attack in his office, on Parliament Hill. Hillyer’s Conservative successor is Glen Motz, a 35-year veteran of the Medicine Hat Police Service. His campaign is confident that the 25,000-vote plurality Hillyer enjoyed in 2015 will repeat. His Liberal adversary is Medicine Hat businessman Stan Sakamato, owner of the Shooting Star Catering Company. Sakamoto’s son, Mark, was a former political advisor to former Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff. The NDP candidate is Bev Waege who garnered 20% of the vote in the last provincial election. The Libertarian candidate is Sheldon Johnston. The former chaplain is the father of five children and spent a number of years as the deputy leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party. The national leader of the Christian Heritage Party Rod Taylor is also on the ballot. The winner of the 2000 BC Interior Lumber Grading Championship will be running in his second election since being elected leader.

Campaign Politics - Manitoba
CPAC’s Gosia Sawicka Fazio reports on the provincial campaign in Manitoba, where the NDP is trying to extend their reign for another four years. A 2013 decision to raise the provincial sales tax remains unpopular. Combined with an internal challenge to the party’s leadership, it's made this campaign a challenging one for Greg Selinger and the NDP. The Progressive Conservative party led by Brian Pallister has produced a lengthy list of campaign promises to woo voters. Among them is a promise to reverse the sales tax hike. Hoping to capitalize on the popularity of federal leader Justin Trudeau, the provincial Liberals under lawyer Rana Boukhari are campaigning on a pledge to fund all-day kindergarten. The Liberals, with only one seat at dissolution, hope to make significant gains. Voters go to the polls in Manitoba on April 19.

Campaign Politics - Saskatchewan
CPAC's Ed Watson reports on the provincial election in Saskatchewan, where Premier Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan party are seeking a third consecutive term. Like most resource rich-provinces, Saskatchewan has felt the effects of low oil and potash prices. The Wall government, despite having the most popular premier in Canada, is justifiably concerned about how the electorate will judge them come voting day. The NDP, led by Cam Broten, has accused the government of mismanaging the budget surpluses accumulated over the past decade. Emergency room wait times are still high here and the government’s move towards allowing private MRI clinics and other private services are issues the NDP hope to capitalize on. Voters in the province go to the polls April 4, 2016.

Campaign Politics - Newfoundland and Labrador
CPAC's Roger Bill takes a look at the provincial campaign in Newfoundland and Labrador, where voters go the polls on Nov. 30. The Conservatives have been in power here since 2003, when Danny Williams put an end to four consecutive terms by the Liberals. Williams has since left politics, as has successor Kathy Dunderdale. The party's fortunes now rest on the shoulders of Paul Davis, a former police officer with the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary. The Liberal leader is Dwight Ball, a businessman and pharmacist from Deer Lake, who has been sitting in the legislature since 2007. The NDP are being led by former labour leader Earle McCurdy -- best known to Canadians for his role in the 1990s "Turbot Wars" with the European Union.Also of note: the new House of Assembly will be reduced to 40 from 48 members to save money.

Campaign Politics - Vote 2015 – Bay of Quinte
CPAC’s Jacqueline Milczarek visits Bay of Quinte, Ontario, to examine key election issues and to meet candidates vying to become MP for the area in the October 19, 2015, federal election. This new riding includes all of the area surrounding the Bay of Quinte, including the cities of Belleville, Picton and Trenton. Like most new ridings, there is no incumbent. Running for the Liberals is Neil Ellis, who was the mayor of Belleville from 2006 to 2014. Conservative Jodie Jenkins is a Belleville city councillor, long-standing radio personality and creator of “The Golf Guy” radio show. Terry Cassidy is the NDP candidate; he served as a city councillor in Quinte West, for 20 years. Businessman Trueman Tuck is running as an Independent (Judeo-Christian Citizen Rights Crusader).

Campaign Politics - Vote 2015 – Central Nova
Central Nova was left wide open earlier this year when former cabinet minister Peter MacKay announced he would not run for re-election. MacKay, and his father before him, held versions of this riding since 1971 -- with a Liberal interruption in 1993. Ottawa-based Fred DeLorey, former director of policy operations for the CPC, is carrying the Conservative banner, but is seen as a parachute candidate, despite his roots in the riding. The Liberal candidate is Sean Fraser, a lawyer raised in the riding, who is giving DeLorey a good run. The NDP have put up Ross Landry, former provincial justice minister. Green candidate David Hachey, a sheep dairy farmer, is an anomaly – a former Wall Street economist. Keeping things interesting is an independent candidate. Known as the Ballot Box Bandit, Alexander Mackenzie has stolen and destroyed ballot boxes in four elections in protest of a government settlement over pulp mill effluents – he’s been in jail, he’s done community service and now he’s on the ballot. Join CPAC’s Bill Kendrick in Central Nova.

Campaign Politics - Vote 2015 – Eglinton–Lawrence
CPAC’s Jacqueline Milczarek visits the riding of Eglinton--Lawrence to examine key election issues and meet candidates. This wealthy north Toronto riding is unchanged by redistribution. Finance Minister Joe Oliver won here in 2011 with 46.8 per cent of the vote. Before that Eglinton-Lawrence had exclusively elected Liberals for more than three decades. Oliver faces a tough challenge from both the Liberals and the NDP. The Liberals are hoping to win this riding back with Marco Mendicino, a labour lawyer, who has been a Crown attorney for nearly a decade. He was part of the team that successfully prosecuted the Toronto 18 terrorist cell. Former Saskatchewan finance minister Andrew Thomson is running for the NDP. Some have dubbed the race here "the battle of the two finance ministers" although Liberals insist it’s a two-way race between Mendicino and Oliver. Also running is Rudy Solomonvici of the Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada, Ethan Buchman of the Libertarian party and Matthew Chisholm of the Green party.

Campaign Politics - Vote 2015 – Pierrefonds–Dollard
CPAC’s Philippe Murat visits the Quebec riding of Pierrefonds--Dollard.For 18 years, the riding of Pierrefonds--Dollard was a Liberal stronghold represented by Bernard Patry. After weathering many electoral storms, especially in 2006 and 2008, Mr. Patry was defeated by the orange wave that swept through Quebec in 2011. Justin Trudeau’s team is now trying to win back the riding from incumbent NDP MP Lysane Blanchette-Lamothe. To do this they've recruited Frank Baylis, a businessman and long-time Liberal activist. However, this Liberal-NDP duel has become a three-way battle ever since Conservative candidate Valérie Assouline entered the race. Our reporter speaks with all the candidates except the Bloc Québécois’s Natalie Laplante, who was unavailable at the time of CPAC’s visit to the riding.

Campaign Politics - Vote 2015 – Winnipeg South Centre
Conservative Joyce Bateman, first elected in 2011, is in a tough fight to retain her seat in Winnipeg South Centre. She's been accused by some as lacking visibility in her riding and not working fast enough to bring federal infrastructure dollars to the community, despite the pre-writ announcement of $45 million as the federal contribution to an underpass. Jim Carr, a veteran provincial Liberal and well-known community leader in the arts world, has returned to politics and has been running a solid campaign that he believes is gaining ground even in the most Conservative parts of the riding. The NDP's Matt Henderson ran as an independent candidate in 2011 -- a classroom experiment for students at the private school where he teaches. This time, Henderson is running a serious campaign, and has made some ground for the party running on the NDP's promises to help some of society’s most vulnerable. Green candidate Andrew Park has been an active in all debate forums and believes he has a good chance of stealing the riding from the frontrunners. Join CPAC’s Kenneth Bell in Winnipeg South Centre.

Campaign Politics - Vote 2015 – Ville-Marie–Le Sud-Ouest–Île-des-Soeurs
CPAC’s Philippe Murat visits the Quebec riding of Ville-Marie–Le Sud-Ouest–Îles-des-Sœurs.Created by the latest redrawing of the electoral map, Ville-Marie—Le-Sud-Ouest–Îles-des-Sœurs includes a large portion of the former riding of Jeanne-Le-Ber. The riding is at the very heart of Montreal’s urban core. Thousands of workers commute there and back daily, and this has made transport infrastructure, such as the Champlain Bridge file, an election issue.Candidates vying for this seat include the NDP’s Allison Turner, a human rights lawyer; the Conservative party’s Steve Shanahan, a city councillor representing Montreal’s Peter McGill district; the Liberal party’s Marc Miller, a lawyer working in the mergers and acquisitions field for a major Montreal firm; the Bloc Quebecois’s Chantal St-Onge, a teacher with the Commission scolaire Rivière-du-Nord school board; the Green party’s Daniel Green, an environmentalist; and the Communist party’s William Sloan, also a lawyer.

Campaign Politics - Vote 2015 – Scarborough Southwest
Once a manufacturing centre and now a mixed urban sprawl, Scarborough Southwest is home to just over 100,000 people - half of them visible minorities. Toronto's former Chief of Police Bill Blair is running as a Liberal in this riding bordered by heavily congested main arteries and the Bluffs along Lake Ontario. He's trying to oust the NDP's Dan Harris, who rode the Orange Wave to capture the seat in 2011 after three previous failed attempts. Harris may be the only candidate without hands-on police experience. Tommy Taylor was arrested during the G20 protests in 2010 and starred in a theatrical production about that experience. He's now running for the Green Party. The riding is also being contested by Roshan Nallaratnam, who came to Canada in 2006 and - when became a police officer - was handed his new badge by his current rival Bill Blair.

Campaign Politics - Vote 2015 – Waterloo
CPAC’s Jacqueline Milczarek visits the riding of Waterloo, Ontario to examine key lection issues and to meet candidates vying to become MP for the area in the October 19, 2015, federal election. The riding of Waterloo, formerly Kitchener-Waterloo, loses the Kitchener section along its southern boundary to redistribution but recovers the old riding name that was used from 1976-1996. Conservative Peter Braid was first elected in 2008, defeating long-time Liberal MP Andrew Telegdi by only 17 votes. In 2011, Braid enlarged his margin, defeating Telegdi by more than 2,000 votes. Braid, an international relations graduate, has worked at the Immigration and Refugee Board, and was Director of Operations at Sun Life Financial. In Ottawa, he was named a Parliamentary Secretary for Infrastructure and Communities. Liberal candidate Bardish Chagger was Andrew Telegdi’s executive assistant before joining the Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Centre. She is also the co-chair of the Liberal campaign in southwest Ontario. The NDP candidate is Diane Freeman, who is a civil engineer and has served three terms on the Waterloo council. Running for the Green party is Richard Walsh. He is a retired psychology professor and long time anti poverty activist.

Campaign Politics - Vote 2015 – Notre-Dame-de-Grâce–Westmount
Elected as a Liberal MP for the Quebec riding of Westmount – Ville-Marie in 2008, former astronaut Marc Garneau is running for re-election in the rejigged riding of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce – Westmount. He faces stiff competition from James Hughes, in whom the NDP has placed a great deal of hope. Mr. Hughes once served as deputy minister of social development in New Brunswick, and he became well-known in Montreal as head of the Old Brewery Mission, an organization helping the homeless. The five other candidates on the ballot are the Conservative Party’s Richard Sagala, the Green Party’s Melissa Kate Wheeler, and Bloc Québécois contender Simon Quesnel. Danielle Young reports on this interesting battle between the Liberal Party and the NDP.

Campaign Politics - Vote 2015 – Dartmouth–Cole Harbour
Dartmouth-Cole Harbour is an anomaly within Canada. The riding hasn’t elected an MP from the government side since 1984. The incumbent is the NDP’s Robert Chisholm, a constituent-focused MP whose party policies on subsidized childcare, support for seniors and veterans have been popular in what is largely a middle-class riding. Liberal candidate Darren Fisher is giving Chisholm a good run, however. The Halifax city councillor and former deputy mayor is well-known and he’s making a good pitch to voters at the door. Although the Conservatives are trailing here, with just two weeks to go until election day, Conservative candidate Jason Cole gets a boost from a funding announcement in his riding. Green candidate Brynn Nheiley highlights a number of issues she thinks are overlooked here, including food security. Join CPAC’s Bill Kendrick in Dartmouth-Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia.

Campaign Politics - Vote 2015 – Burnaby North–Seymour
CPAC'S David Kincaid looks at the newly created riding of Burnaby North--Seymour, B.C. This is one riding where any of the four major parties have a chance of winning. The riding is also home to the terminal of the Kinder Morgan pipeline -- which the company is hoping to double and which would increase tanker traffic in Burrard Inlet. The Green party's candidate here is Lynne Quarmby, a molecular biology professor at Simon Fraser University and well-known activist, recently jailed for protesting the proposed pipeline expansion. The Conservative candidate is Mike Little, a businessman and city councillor for North Vancouver. The Liberal is Terry Beech, also a professor at Simon Fraser and former Nanaimo city councillor. The NDP candidate is one of two judges running for office in this election, Carol Baird Ellan, is a retired provincial court judge and North Vancouver resident.

Campaign Politics - Vote 2015 – Essex
CPAC’s Roger Smith visits the riding of Essex, Ontario, to examine key election issues and to meet candidates vying to become MP for the area in the October 19, 2015, federal election. Essex is a rural riding that surrounds Windsor in the south-western tip of Ontario. It covers most of Essex County, including the agricultural towns of Kingsville and Amherstburg, and the Windsor suburb community of LaSalle.Conservative Jeff Watson is the first-ever autoworker elected to Parliament. He has held the riding since 2004, winning with just over 48% of the vote in 2011. He will face a tough challenge from the NDP’s Tracey Ramsey, who is also an autoworker, a union leader and a registered practical nurse. The Liberal candidate is Audrey Festeryga, who grew up on an Ontario farm in Wheatley and now works as a lawyer in Kingsville. Jennifer Alderson is running for the Green Party. She co-manages a farmers’ market and currently works as a Canada Post employee.

Campaign Politics - Vote 2015 – Sarnia–Lambton
CPAC's Martin Stringer looks at Sarnia--Lambton in southwestern Ontario, a bellwether riding that has voted for the winning party ever since it was created in 1968. Sarnia--Lambton is also known for being a major hub of Canada's petrochemical industry. The riding does possess a significant rural component as it includes a large swath of Lambton County. Pat Davidson, who held the riding for the Conservatives since 2006, has retired from politics and the party has turned to Marilyn Gladu to take her place. Gladu is a Sarnia businesswoman and chemical engineer with 20 years experience at Dow Chemical and Suncor. The NDP candidate is Jason McMichael, a customs officer and union rep. The Liberal challenger is David McPhail, a retired teacher and former chair of the Sarnia-Lambton Chamber of Commerce. Peter Smith is the Green candidate, a scientist and engineer who has worked in the region’s petrochemical industry.

Campaign Politics - Vote 2015 – Calgary Skyview
When Devinder Shory won the riding of Calgary Northeast with a majority of 12,000 votes in 2011, few thought that 4 years later he would have some competition but that is exactlywhat appears to be happening in the riding of Calgary Skyview. Formerly known as Calgary Northeast, this riding has been a safe Conservative/Reform/ Progressive Conservative seat since it was created back in 1988. This time around Devinder Shory is facing a stiff challenge from Darshan Kang, a popular former provincial Liberal MLA who represented the riding of Calgary McCall from 2008 until 2015. The NDP who won the riding of Calgary-McCall provincially are placing their hopes with Sahajvir Singh, a local businessman and community organizer. Ed Reddy, a former member of the Canadian Forces now working in the oil and gas sector is running for the Green Party. CPAC's Ed Watson has the story from Calgary.

Campaign Politics - Vote 2015 – Terrebonne
CPAC’s Philippe Murat visits the Quebec riding of Terrebonne ahead of the federal election taking place on October 19, 2015.Comprised mostly of the municipality of Terrebonne in Montreal’s western suburbs, this riding has not elected a Conservative candidate since 1988. Represented by the Bloc Québécois in the past, the riding turned NDP in 2011 when it elected the incumbent Charmaine Borg. It is worth mentioning that the Conservative Party had its best showing here in 2006 with a 20% vote share. This program features interviews with the different candidates running for this seat. This race pits the NDP candidate Charmaine Borg, who is seeking a second term, against the following candidates : the Conservatve Party’s Michel Surprenant, who established Murdered or Missing Persons' Families' Association in 2004 with four other fathers including Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu; the Liberal Party’s Michèle Audette, former president of the Native Women’s Association of Canada; The Bloc Quebecois’s Michel Boudrias, a former infantry officer with the Royal 22e Régiment; and the Strength in Democracy party’s Louis Clément Sénat, a Haitian-Canadian financial advisor.

Campaign Politics - Vote 2015 – West Vancouver–Sunshine Coast–Sea to Sky Country
CPAC's David Kincaid drops in on the sprawling and varied riding of West Vancouver--Sunshine Coast--Sea to Sky Country, which ranges from the rainforest mansions of West Vancouver, to the quaint fishing villages and retirement towns of the Sunshine Coast, to the burgeoning Whistler ski resort. The coastal environment, seniors' services and transportation infrastructure are major issues in this beautiful corner of Canada. Conservative incumbent John Weston, a Mandarin-speaking lawyer, won by a large margin in 2011 but he faces three strong challengers in Liberal Pamela Goldsmith-Jones (the former mayor of West Vancouver), New Democrat Larry Koopman, who owns a cottage rental business on the Sunshine Coast, and for the Greens Ken Melamed, a former mayor of Whistler.

Campaign Politics - Vote 2015 – Miramichi–Grand Lake
Jobs dominate the election campaign in Miramichi-Grand Lake. At 13.7 per cent, this riding has the second highest unemployment rate within the province. Incumbent Tilly O’Neill-Gordon, the Conservative candidate, is confident that a federal government payroll office established this year with 500 jobs will pay off for her at the polls. NDP candidate Patrick Colford says these jobs are good union jobs that have merely shifted from other parts of the country, which is not good enough. Liberal candidate Pat Finnigan argues government jobs are great, but they are there at the whim of the party in power. An entrepreneur himself, Finnigan, aka “Mr. Tomato”, says there needs to be a bigger push for small business and innovation, which only his government is offering. He’s also pitching his party’s reversal of changes to Employment Insurance amde under the Conservatives, which he says has hurt seasonal workers in his riding more than elsewhere. The flailing salmon fishery and outmigration are all hot topics for the Green Party’s Matthew Clark. Join CPAC's Bill Kendrick in Miramichi-Grand Lake.

Campaign Politics - Vote 2015 – Calgary Centre
CPAC's Ed Watson examines Calgary Centre, a riding that has experienced significant economic and political disruptions in the past year. In May, the provincial Progressive Conservatives were turfed out after 43 years in power while the price of oil fell by nearly 60 per cent over six months. Both of these events have created a certain degree of anxiety among Conservative candidates including Calgary Centre's Joan Crockatt. A former journalist with the Calgary Herald, Crockatt was first elected to the riding in a by-election in 2012 with a margin of victory of only 1,100 votes. Kent Hehr, the Liberal candidate and former Liberal MLA, believes the time is ripe for a Liberal win. The riding has never voted for someone other than Conservative, Progressive Conservative or Reform since it was created in 1968. The nominated candidate for the NDP is Jillian Ratti ,a family doctor, and Thana Boonlert, a Quebec-born engineer who is fluent in English, French and Thai, is the Green candidate.

Campaign Politics - Vote 2015 – Avalon
CPAC's Roger Bill takes a look at the race in the Newfoundland riding of Avalon. Scott Andrews, who won the riding back in 2011, is running again but this time as an independent. Andrews was removed from the Liberal caucus by Justin Trudeau last year over allegations of personal misconduct, but maintains his innocence and is hoping enough voters in Avalon will re-elect him to the House of Commons. Running for the Liberals is the owner of a home appliance repair business and mayor of Conception Bay South -- Ken MacDonald. The Conservatives are running Lorraine Barnett, a native of Patrick's Cove who most recently served as regional affairs director for the minister responsible for the Atlantic Canada Opportunity Agency. The NDP's candidate is Jeannie Baldwin, the regional executive vice-president of the Public Service Alliance of Canada. The Green party candidate is Krista Byrne-Puumala who describes herself as an environmental practitioner with Eco-Canada. Trans-gender activist Jennifer McCreath, the first openly transgender person running for Parliament, is the candidate for the Strength in Democracy Party.

Campaign Politics - Vote 2015 – Regina–Lewvan
It’s a tight race in Regina-Lewvan, one of the new urban-only ridings in Saskatchewan. The frontrunner is NDP candidate Erin Weir. It’s not his first campaign. He’s hitting every event and knocking on every door he can to try to get out his party’s message of responsible investment in natural resources and support for small business. Local polling has sometimes favoured his Conservative rival, Trent Fraser, a well-known entrepreneur who helped save the CFL franchise in Regina. Former city councillor Liberal Louis Browne says his party could have won this riding in 2004, had the boundary been configured differently. Browne says municipalities have been short-changed by the current government and he wants to see more for infrastructure. Green Party candidate Tamela Friesen shows the reality of pipelines in urban communities, while Libertarian candidate Wojciech Dolata is pushing for less government control over people’s lives. Get all the perspectives. Join CPAC’s Kenneth Bell in Regina-Lewvan.

Campaign Politics - Vote 2015 – Fredericton
Campaign Politics - FrederictonConservative incumbent Keith Ashfield hasn’t lost an election in Fredericton in a quarter century – from school board trustee to MLA to Member of Parliament.In 2011, Ashfield won the seat with more than 50 per cent of the popular vote. But Ashfield is facing some tough competition. Liberal candidate Matt DeCourcey finds himself leading a neck-and-neck race.He believes his energetic campaign will help the Liberals sweep Atlantic Canada for a national win. NDP candidate Sharon-Scott-Levesque is a nurse and entrepreneur pushing national childcare and tax cuts for small businesses. In her second run, the Green Party’s Mary Lou Babineau is pushing people to get out and vote, which she says is essential to a Green victory.The Energy East pipeline and job creation are on the radar here.And with the country’s largest military base partially in the riding, veterans issues loom large; Fredericton is where the veterans’ “Anyone But Conservatives” campaign launched. CPAC’s Bill Kendrick is in Fredericton during the hottest music festival of the year, and possibly the hottest electoral race the city has ever seen.

Campaign Politics - Vote 2015 – Madawaska–Restigouche
Campaign Politics : Madawaska–RestigoucheCPAC’s Philippe Murat visits the riding of Madawaska–Restigouche, in New Brunswick, ahead of the federal election taking place on October 19, 2015.Will former Indian Affairs minister Bernard Valcourt manage to hold on to this riding by fending off his Liberal rival René Arseneault, a young lawyer, and the NDP’s Rosaire l’Italien, a former CBC reporter? Meanwhile, the Green Party candidate has kept a rather low profile during this campaign.This program features interviews with different candidates vying for this seat (except Green Party candidate Françoise Aubin, who was away during our visit to the riding) as well as comments from Edmundston mayor Cyrille Simard and analysis from Gilles Duval, a reporter with the newspaper L’Acadie Nouvelle.

Campaign Politics - Vote 2015 – Richmond–Arthabaska
The Conservative Party has high hopes that their Quebec candidate Alain Rayes, the current Mayor of Victoriaville, will secure the Richmond–Arthabaska riding. It was represented by André Bellavance, who was elected as a Bloc Québécois MP in 2004 but became an independent member last year. The sovereignist party is now counting on Olivier Nolin, a young biologist, to win back this seat in Parliament. Rayes and Nolin are up against the NDP’s Myriam Beaulieu, a farmer and journalist, as well as the Liberal Party’s Marc Desmarais, a lobbyist who has spent years in the political arena. The Rhinoceros Party has nominated Antoine Dubois for this race. Danielle Young looks at this riding and the candidates vying for a seat in the House of Commons.

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