Mapping the Campaign: Conservative Leadership

Mapping the Campaign: Conservative Leadership

November 9, 2016 2:33pm ET

As Conservative leadership candidates debate for the first time in Saskatoon later today, here’s a visual look at how the party arrived at this moment.

Conservative Popular Vote: 2011 versus 2015

Toggle the map to compare the Conservative Party of Canada’s riding-by-riding support in the last two federal elections.

The Conservatives under Stephen Harper formed a majority government in 2011 with 166 of 308 seats. Four years later, the party fell to 99 of 338 seats and opposition status.

Their popular vote fell to 39.6 to 31.9 per cent:

2004 Leadership Vote: How Stephen Harper Won

Former prime minister Stephen Harper became the Conservative Party of Canada’s first leader with a one-ballot victory over Belinda Stronach and Tony Clement.

Harper had strong support in western Canada and better-than-expected results in Quebec and southern Ontario:

Here’s how the leadership convention unfolded on March 20, 2004:

Here are the current registered candidates for the leadership, by location:

-Andrew Thomson