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Beyond Politics - Corneliu Chisu

Conservative MP Corneliu Chisu may well be the most polyglot of Canada's 308 sitting MPs, being able to speak four languages: English, Italian, Romanian, and Hungarian (he confesses to being able to get by in French).

Born in Transylvania, Romania where his father distinguished himself as a member of the Second World War resistancer, the only child studied engineering at the Polytechnic University in Bucharest. While working at the Italian Trade Commission he met his future wife, an Italian, who convinced him to settle in Italy. Together they started their family, including one daughter, and stayed for several years before deciding to emigrate to Canada.

Once in Canada, Chisu joined the Canadian Army Reserves and in 2003 enlisted in the regular forces, where he served in Bosnia and again in Afghanistan. In 2011, Chisu ran for the Conservative nomination in the Liberal stronghold of Pickering-Scarborough East and surprised everyone including himself when he defeated the incumbent and popular gas price crusader Dan McTeague.

Catherine Clark spoke to Corneliu Chisu about his life Beyond Politics.

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About Catherine Clark

About Catherine Clark

Born into political life in Ottawa, Catherine Clark is no stranger to being in the public eye. As founding host of CPAC’s popular weekly television show Beyond Politics, Catherine interviews Members of Parliament, Premiers and people of influence to reveal the personal, human side of public life. Catherine is also a sought-after public speaker and emcee, and writes the “Giving Back” column for Ottawa at Home Magazine, profiling people who are improving the lives of their fellow citizens.

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