2016 NDP Convention – Hassan Yussuff

CPAC Special

2016 NDP Convention – Hassan Yussuff

Hassan Yussuff, the president of the Canadian Labour Congress, addresses the 2016 NDP National Convention in Edmonton on April 8, 2016. Mr. Yussuf discusses the previous year’s election loss and raises issues of poverty, housing, unemployment, equal rights and repealing Bill C-51 (Anti-terrorism Act, 2015).

Mr. Yussuf’s speech is followed by an update from Tania Jarzebiak, treasurer of the NDP, who talks about the party’s fundraising success over the last few years.

Interim national director of the NDP Karl Bélanger discusses the NDP’s membership expansion and some raises some convention housekeeping.

Christine Pare (co-chair of the NDP Women’s Commission), Martin Singh (chair of the Visible Minorities Commission), Trudy Spiller (chair of the Aboriginal Commission), Mazdak Chinichian (chair of the LGBT Commission), and Theresa Dawe (co-chair of the Persons Living with Disabilities Commission) deliver their respective reports to the delegates.