Fisheries and Oceans – October 4, 2011

In Committee from the Senate of Canada

Fisheries and Oceans – October 4, 2011

Appearances: Keith Ashfield, Marc Grégoire, David Balfour, David Bevan

Committee members begin a study of issues relating to the management of Canada’s fisheries and oceans.

Keith Ashfield (Minister of Fisheries and Oceans), Marc Grégoire (the commissioner for the Canadian Coast Guard), and Fisheries and Oceans personnel David Balfour (a senior assistant deputy minister) and David Bevan (an associate deputy minister) appear before the committee. The witnesses discuss their department’s plans to evaluate the state of Canada’s fishing industry, the need to strengthen environmental sustainability in Canadian and international waters, and the role of the Canadian Coast Guard.

The witnesses are questioned by a number of committee members, including Fabian Manning (the chair of the committee), Elizabeth Hubley (Liberal), Ethel Cochrane (Conservative), Rose-May Poirier (Conservative), and Don Oliver (Conservative).