National Defence – October 17, 2011

In Committee from the Senate of Canada

National Defence – October 17, 2011

Senators discussed the issues of military transformation, the future of the Canadian Army Reserve, and the Canadian National Leadership Program with three separate panel of witnesses.

Vice-Admiral Bruce Donaldson, vice-chief of the Defence Staff, and Matthew King, associate deputy defence minister, testified on Canadian Forces transformation.

Vice-Admiral Donaldson was also a witness for the committee’s discussion of the reserves, where he testified alongside Rear-Admiral Jennifer Bennett, the chief of Reserves and Cadets, and Scott Stevenson, assistant deputy minister (Infrastructure and Environment) at DND.

Robert Roy, head of the Canadian National Leadership Program, and John Richmond, director of community outreach for the program, discussed the proposed initiative, as well as The 7 Year Project, which aims to connect Canadians with their military.