Agriculture and Forestry – December 9, 2011

In Committee from the Senate of Canada

Agriculture and Forestry – December 9, 2011

The committee continued its review of Bill C-18, an act to reorganize the Canadian Wheat Board.

Senators first heard from a panel of wheat farmers from Manitoba. Drew Baker, Andrew Dennis, Brendan Sigurdson, Laurence Nicholson and Kenneth Larsen discussed the importance of the board and their opposition against the proposed bill.

The committee then discussed the implications of an open market on the grain industry with Wade Sobkowich of the Western Grain Elevator Association and Phil de Kemp of Malting Industry Association of Canada.

The committee concluded the meeting with testimony from two senior shipping representatives. Fred Stille of the Thunder Bay Port Authority and Brad Chase of Omnitrax spoke about how the bill could affect business and their role in the supply chain.

UPDATE: Bill C-18 received royal assent on December 15.