Banking, Trade and Commerce – February 9, 2012

In Committee from the Senate of Canada

Banking, Trade and Commerce – February 9, 2012

Appearances: Suzanne Legault, George Dolhai, Simon William

Senators hear testimony from Suzanne Legault (Information Commissioner of Canada) as they continue their review of the impact of the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act, which was originally passed in June 2000.

Ms. Legault explains her office’s role in investigating complaints arising from requests made under the Access to Information Act. She also expresses concerns about the number of redactions being made to federal documents that are released to the public.

Later, the committee hears from officials from the Public Prosecution Service of Canada. George Dolhai (the acting director of public prosecutions and senior general counsel) and Simon William (general counsel) discuss the mandate of the PPSC, which is responsible for initiating and conducting federal prosecutions, issuing guidelines to federal prosecutors, and providing advice to law enforcement agencies on matters relating to prosecution.

The witnesses are questioned by committee members Irving Gerstein (the chair of the committee), Donald H. Oliver (Conservative), Pierrette Ringuette (Liberal), Carolyn Stewart Olsen (Conservative), Mac Harb (Liberal),
Céline Hervieux-Payette (the deputy chair of the committee), David Tkachuk (Conservative), Paul J. Massicotte (Liberal), and Wilfred P. Moore (Liberal).