In Committee from the Senate of Canada

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In Committee from the Senate of Canada - Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources – April 26, 2012

Appearances: Timothy M. Egan, Mel Ydreos, Dan Golberger

Committee members continue their study of Canada’s energy sector, focusing on the establishment of a strategic framework for sustainable development.

Timothy M. Egan (the president of the Canadian Gas Association), Mel Ydreos (the chair of Energy Technology and Innovation Canada), and Dan Golberger (the executive director of Energy Technology and Innovation Canada) appear before the committee, discussing the benefits of natural gas and efforts by the oil and gas industry to develop more sustainable energy production. The witnesses are questioned by committee members David W. Angus (the chair of the committee), Judith Seidman (Conservative), George Baker (Liberal), Daniel Lang (Conservative), Richard Neufeld (Conservative), and Robert W. Peterson (Liberal).

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