In Committee from the Senate of Canada

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In Committee from the Senate of Canada - National Finance – May 2, 2012

Senators continued to hear testimony regarding the expenditures set out in the main estimates for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2013.

Representatives from Fisheries and Oceans Canada appeared before the committee to discuss their budget from the previous year, and some of the adjustments that will be made in order to conform to the financial restrictions that face the department for the year to come. Roch Huppé, David Balfour, Jody Thomas and Kevin Stringer all took part in the discussion.

Greg Meredith of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada provided an overview of a few of the main developments in the agricultural industry, and how the department will adjust its spending for the current fiscal year. Meredith was joined by his colleagues Pierre Corriveau, Rita Moritz and Jody Aylard.

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