In Committee from the Senate of Canada

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In Committee from the Senate of Canada - Foreign Affairs – June 28, 2012

Gerald Keddy, parliamentary secretary to the minister of International Trade, discussed Bill C-23, legislation to implement the free trade agreement between Canada and Jordan. He outlined the benefits of the trade deal and responded to questions on topics including the potential opportunities for Canadian businesses and similar agreements between Jordan and other countries.

Government officials Marvin Hildebrand, Pierre Bouchard, Ian Burney, Barbara Martin, and Ton Zuijdwijk also testified.

Professor Michael Hart from Carleton University (as an individual) and Bob Kirke, the executive director of the Canadian Apparel Federation, both recommended the passage of the agreement, adding that it will also send a signal to more significant trading partners that Canada is serious about trade deals.

Senators proceeded to clause-by-clause consideration of the bill after hearing from the witnesses.

UPDATE: Bill C-23 received royal assent on June 29.

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