National Finance – May 29, 2012

In Committee from the Senate of Canada

National Finance – May 29, 2012

Appearances: Eileen Boyd, Colleen Barnes, Michael Scheffel, Lyne Tassé, Andy Lalonde, Lynn Hemmings, Diana Cacic, Michael O’Keefe, Daniel Lafontaine

Senior government officials from the Privy Council Office, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the Department of Finance, Public Works and Government Services Canada, the Canada Border Services Agency and Transport Canada briefed the committee on certain measures contained in part 4 of the budget implementation bill.

Elements of Bill C-38 that were discussed in this meeting included the proposed elimination of the Public Appointments Commission, the regulation of seed crop inspectors, and replacing paper distribution of the Canada Gazette with electronic copies.

UPDATE: Bill C-38 received royal assent on June 29.