Aboriginal Peoples – May 30, 2012

In Committee from the Senate of Canada

Aboriginal Peoples – May 30, 2012

Appearances: Dwight Dorey, Julian Morelli

The committee continues its study of Métis issues, including the legal and political recognition of the collective identity and rights of Métis in Canada.

Dwight Dorey (the national vice-chief of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples) and his legal counsel, Julian Morelli, appear before the committee, discussing the history of the Métis in Canada, health issues in the Métis community, and the need for a broader definition of who qualifies as a Métis person in Canada.

The witnesses are questioned by committee members Lillian Eva Dyck (the deputy chair of the committee), Nick G. Sibbeston (Liberal), Larry W. Campbell (Liberal), Dennis Glen Patterson (Conservative), Nancy Greene Raine (Conservative), Don Meredith (Conservative), and Salma Ataullahjan (Conservative).