Banking, Trade and Commerce – June 20, 2012

In Committee from the Senate of Canada

Banking, Trade and Commerce – June 20, 2012

Representatives from labour and retirement groups discussed Bill C- 25, which would create pooled registered pension plans. The option is geared towards the self-employed and small business employees who do not have a workplace pension.

Dan Kelly from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, Bernard Dussault, former chief actuary of the Canada Pension Plan, and Randy VanDerStarren and Charles Laing from Open Access Limited spoke about how the proposed changes will impact small businesses and their employees.

Anne Soh and Neil Hrab from the OMERS Administration Corporation, Guillaum Dubreuil from the Regroupement des jeunes chambres de commerce du Québec, and James Pierlot from Pierlot Pension Law testified during the second part of the meeting.

UPDATE: Bill C- 25 received royal assent on June 28.