Banking, Trade and Commerce – November 8, 2012

In Committee from the Senate of Canada

Banking, Trade and Commerce – November 8, 2012

Banking, Trade and Commerce

The executive director of the International Monetary Fund is among the witnesses who testify as part of the committee’s review of certain measures in the budget bill.

Thomas A. Hockin, who represents the constituency of Canada, Ireland and the Caribbean, and Thomas A. Bernes, who is with the Centre for International Governance Innovation, comment on the governance reform provisions related to the IMF.

Senators hear about amendments to the Agreement on Internal Trade Implementation Act during the second part of the meeting. David Ramsay and Peter Vician, the minister and deputy minister of industry respectively in the Northwest Territories, Carole Presseault with the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada, and Canadian Council of Chief Executives representatives Joe Blomeley and John Dillon testify.

UPDATE: Bill C-45 received royal assent on December 14.