In Committee from the Senate of Canada

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In Committee from the Senate of Canada - Legal and Constitutional Affairs - March 20, 2013

Legal and Constitutional Affairs

Senators begin their consideration of the government's royal succession legislation. C-53 gives Canada's assent to a bill that is currently before the British parliament. That bill ends the practice of placing male heirs before their elder sisters in the line of succession. It will also remove legal restrictions for heirs who marry Roman Catholics from succeeding to the Throne.

Andrew Heard, associate professor of political science at Simon Fraser University, and Benoît Pelletier, a law professor at the University of Ottawa, appear as individuals in the first part of the meeting.

Garry Toffoli and Paul Benoit, the executive director and vice-chairman respectively of the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust, testify after the professors.

UPDATE: Bill C-53 received royal assent on March 27.

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