Legal and Constitutional Affairs – March 25, 2013

In Committee from the Senate of Canada

Legal and Constitutional Affairs – March 25, 2013

Legal and Constitutional Affairs

Senators hear from four panels as they continue their consideration of legislation related to the use of warrantless wiretaps. Bill C-55 adds new privacy safeguards for the use of emergency wiretaps in urgent situations such as kidnappings and bomb threats. It also limits the use of this emergency power to police officers instead of the current broader category of peace officers.

Senior Justice Canada officials Donald Piragoff and Karen Audcent respond to technical questions about the proposed legislation.

Assistant Privacy Commissioner Chantal Bernier outlines why her office believes the bill represents a positive development for privacy.

Russell Silverstein of the Canadian Council of Criminal Defence Lawyers and Michael Rosenberg with the Canadian Civil Liberties Association discuss their organizations’ concerns.

The meeting ends with testimony from the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police. Vancouver Deputy Chief Constable Warren Lemcke speaks via videconference.

UPDATE: Bill C-55 received royal assent on March 27.