National Defence – April 22, 2013

In Committee from the Senate of Canada

National Defence – April 22, 2013

National Security and Defence

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews and RCMP Commissioner Bob Paul brief senators on legislation to increase accountability within the national police force. Their testimony launches the committee’s study of Bill C-42. The proposed bill would create an independent Civilian Review and Complaints Commission, increase measures to investigate serious incidents involving RCMP members and modernize discipline and human resource management processes.

The minister addresses some concerns and misconceptions of the bill and outlines some of the amendments made during its review in the House of Commons.

Senators also hear from deputy minister François Guimont, Superintendent Michael O’Rielly, director of the RCMP’s legislative reform initiative, and Mark Potter, director general of Public Safety Canada’s policing policy directorate.

UPDATE: Bill C-42 received royal assent on June 19.