Legal and Constitutional Affairs – April 24, 2013

In Committee from the Senate of Canada

Legal and Constitutional Affairs – April 24, 2013

Legal and Constitutional Affairs

Civil liberties associations and the chief of the Vancouver Police testify on legislation (C-309) that aims to make it an offence to wear a mask or disguise in a riot or unlawful assembly. The Conservative private members’ bill would amend two sections of the Criminal Code. It was introduced in response to the Stanley Cup riot in Vancouver in June 2011 and the G20 riot in Toronto in June 2010.

James Stribopoulos of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and Paul Champ with the B.C. Civil Liberties Association discuss their group’s opposition to the legislation.

Senators then hear from Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu, who is testifying on behalf of his police department and the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police. He discusses issues such distinguishing between public order events and riots, and the gathering of evidence when a riot does occur.