In Committee from the Senate of Canada

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In Committee from the Senate of Canada - Social Affairs, Science and Technology - May 1, 2013

Social Affairs, Science and Technology

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney responds to questions about the government's controversial legislation to speed up the deportation of refugees, permanent residents and visitors for "serious criminality". Bill C-43 also gives the minister new authority to decide who can or cannot be allowed in the country based on public policy considerations.

Department official Marie Bourry, Emmanuelle Deault-Bonin from Public Safety Canada and Lesley Soper with the Canada Border Services Agency also testify alongside the minister.

Martin Collacott with the Centre for Immigration Policy Reform and Canadian Council for Refugees representatives Loly Rico and Janet Dench present their views on the legislation during the second part of the meeting.

UPDATE: Bill C-43 received royal assent on June 19.

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