In Committee from the Senate of Canada

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In Committee from the Senate of Canada - Banking, Trade and Commerce - May 23, 2013

Banking, Trade and Commerce

Senators hear from three panels as they continue their review of a bill (C-377) requiring labour organizations to disclose their finances and spending.

Canada Revenue Agency officials Brian McCauley and Ted Gallivan respond to technical questions about the Conservative private member 's bill.

A trio of academics and a lawyer, who are all appearing as individuals, then present their views on the legislation. Bruce Ryder from Osgoode Hall Law School, Ian Lee representing Carleton University, Douglar J. Forer of Mclennan Ross, and Alain Barré of the Université Laval testify.

Pierre Brun from the Canadian Association of Labour Lawyers, Tom Stamatakis of the Canadian Police Association, and Don Todd (as an individual) testify in the last panel.

UPDATE: On June 26, the Senate passed amendments to Bill C-377 and sent it back to the House of Commons.

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