National Defence – December 9, 2013 – Part 2

In Committee from the Senate of Canada

National Defence – December 9, 2013 – Part 2

Senators begin their review of Canadian security intelligence related services. Three panels comment on the activities of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) and Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC), the country’s two spy agencies.

Former Conservative MP Chuck Strahl, who is now chair of the Security Intelligence Review Committee discusses the agency’s 2012 -2013 annual report and provides an overview of SIRC’s findings and recommendations. SIRC is an independent external review body which reports to Parliament on the operations of CSIS. Michael Doucet, executive director of SIRC, also testifies.

Committee members then hear from Jean-Pierre Plouffe, commissioner of the CSE, and J. William Galbraith, executive director of the CSE commissioner’s office. The witnesses discuss the challenges of security and intelligence oversight and respond as well to recent spying allegations involving Canada and the United States.

Interim Privacy Commissioner of Canada Chantal Bernier discusses SIRC’s annual report and the privacy implications of information sharing among intelligence agencies. (December 9, 2013)