In Committee from the Senate of Canada

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In Committee from the Senate of Canada - Legal and Constitutional Affairs - March 5, 2014

The committee continues with its study of Bill C-14, the government’s Not Criminally Responsible Reform Act. The proposed legislation deals with individuals found not criminally responsible or unfit to stand trial due to a mental disorder. It would amend the mental disorder regime in the Criminal Code.
Anita Szigeti, chair of the mental disorder portfolio for the Criminal Lawyers’ Association, expresses her concerns with the unconstitutionality of the amendments and her opinion that they would actually make the streets less safe for the public. Ian M. Carter, an executive member of the Canadian Bar Association’s criminal justice section, discusses the privacy concerns related to the issue of notifying victims when a not criminally responsible accused is discharged and where that individual intends to reside.
Rondi Craig, director of uniform field services for the Toronto Police Association, outlines his personal support and that of his group for the bill.
(March 5, 2014)

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