In Committee from the Senate of Canada

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In Committee from the Senate of Canada - Social Affairs, Science and Technology - April 2, 2014

Conservative Senator Don Meredith and Rubin Friedman, spokesperson and member of the board for the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, discuss the senator’s bill (S-213) for January 21 to be recognized annually as Lincoln Alexander Day. Alexander was the first African-Canadian to be elected as an MP and to be named as a federal cabinet minister. He was also the first visible minority to be named as lieutenant governor in Canada. January 21 is the date of his birthday. He passed away in 2012 at the age of 90. The senators then move to clause-by-clause consideration of the bill.
The committee also continues its study on the nature of unintended consequences in the use of prescription pharmaceuticals in Canada. The witnesses speaking on this topic are Sholom Glouberman, the president of Patients Canada and Collen Fuller, the chair of PharmaWatch Canada. Patients Canada is a patient governed organization dedicated to bringing the patient voice to healthcare. PharmaWatch Canada works to heighten consumer involvement in adverse drug reaction reporting. (April 2, 2014)

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