In Committee from the Senate of Canada

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In Committee from the Senate of Canada - Agriculture and Forestry - December 7, 2011

Agriculture and Forestry (December 7, 2011)

The committee continued its review of Bill C-18, an act to reorganize the Canadian Wheat Board.

Senators first heard from a panel of wheat farmers from Saskatchewan. Matthew Gehl, Bill Rosher, Eric Wilmot, and Gilbert Ferré discussed the importance of the board and their opposition against the proposed bill.

Two former directors of the Canadian Wheat Board, Jeff Nielsen and Henry Vos, raised their concerns about the current state of the board and expressed support for its reorganization.

The committee then heard from senior representatives of exportation companies. Erwan Boubet and Pat Nolan, both of Agro-Hall, and Lonny McKague of Red Coat Road and Rail discussed the implications of the bill on their companies.

The committee concluded the meeting with testimonies from railway representatives. François Hébert and Hedley Auld of Canadian National Railway, and Michael Adams and Michael Murphy, both of Canadian Pacific Railway, discussed their role in the supply chain and how the bill could affect business.

UPDATE: Bill C-18 received royal assent on December 15.

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