Human Rights

Human Rights (April 30, 2012)

Researchers and anti-bullying group representatives testified as part the committee’s study on cyberbullying. Some groups estimate that Canadian high schools experience 282,000 incidents of bullying per month. In 2007, the committee recommended the implementation of a national strategy against bullying.

Shaheen Shariff of McGill University told senators that specific anti-bulllying laws may not prevent cyberbullying, and emphasized the need to address the societal causes behind bullying.

Faye Mishna from the University of Toronto, spoke about issues such as the overlap with traditional bullying and the rates of cyberullying.

Media Awareness Network representatives Cathy Wing and Matthew Johnson discussed the importance of digital literacy skills which would allow youth to make informed and ethical decisions online.

Trevor Knowlton and Hal Roberts, both from the group Stop a Bully, discussed the organization’s online reporting system for bullying incidents.